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marlin venture

Marlin Venture Investments

Marlin Venture Investments is an investment firm dedicated to promoting valuable business relationships by investing in and developing business with high value potential.

Venture capital is one of the most powerful forces driving economic improvement and productivity.


Our team of skilled professionals aim at bringing together capital, ability and strategy in order to create growth, while improving strategic and operational capacity.

We continuously strive to create mutually beneficial partnerships and significant shareholdings through our competitive strengths and the prudent management of our investments.


We create value:

The basis of Marlin Venture Investments is to ensure the businesses we partner with grow in strength, sustainability and value, and finally results in superior returns for our investors and business partners alike.

Our strategy

We incorporate strong management teams and experienced professionals together in order to identify and enter into valuable investment partnerships.

Proven investment partnership

Our management team is made up of experienced and successful individuals passionate about what they do. We have the track record to acquire investments that will provide capital growth and future gains.